F2F Class Notes (Li)


concentrate on: focused on 

eg. I need to concentrate on getting my work done for tonight.

overcome: to defeat or succeed in controlling or dealing with something 克服;战胜

eg. to overcome difficulties/obstacles/problems/resistance

eg. Eventually she managed to overcome her shyness in class.

speak my mind: to say whatever I want

eg. I am comfortable with speaking my mind in class.

eg. Can I just speak my mind, even though you probably won’t like what I have to say?


direct translate from chinese- directly translate from Chinese

to connect them in a whole way – to connect them in a logical way/manner

couldn’t have a stable time to study – couldn’t have a fixed time

even looks Asia – even looks Asian 

the most reason – the biggest reason 

to keep working in studying – to continue studying

east-south asia – south east asia

talk with – talk ‘to’ (use ‘to’ for people) 

attend the exhibition to know new friends – attend the exhibition to meet new friends