F2F Class Notes (Li)


had an argument: 吵架;失和;争吵

eg. I could hear them fighting about money again.

eg. I wish they wouldn’t fight in front of the kids.

to point the finger at: 指指点点

eg. Some people just enjoy pointing the finger at other people without knowing the full story.

weird (adj): 怪异的;不寻常的;出乎意料的  

eg. That girl is very weird, she doesn’t like to sit next to others.

culture: 文化

immigrate: 移民

eg. She immigrated to Japan when she was a teenager.

poo – 大便

fetish: 癖好

eg. His foot fetish is something that I cannot accept.

good/bad-tempered: 好/坏脾气

eg. I like people who are good-tempered.


every time when I here – every time when I come here

my sister’s friends 创建 – my sister‘s  friends created the group 

I don’t know why some people are queer – some people are weird 

she 时不时 will come back – she comes back from time to time 

his mind very important – he is opinionated 


impolite – im-po-lite