F2F Class Notes (Li)[S]

Today we focused on:

Review last week’s vocabulary + learning to use adverbs of time + frequency


ingredients: 食材

exercise: 運動

convenient: 方便

hobby/hobbies: 興趣

eg. Transport is very convenient in Shanghai.


There is/ there are  有..

Adverbs of time – related to time (放後面)

once a week/day/month

twice a week/day/month

three times a week/day/month

every day/every other day/


every 2 hours/every 2 weeks

eg. I cook three times a week 

I exercise once a week

I do my laundry (洗衣) every day 

I dive once every six months 

Adverbs of frequency – how often do you do something? (放前面)

eg. I usually wash my clothes at night.

eg. She always showers after getting up.

eg. I never eat with my hands.

eg. I usually get up at 10am/ o’clock.


pepper – peh-pper

ingredients – in-gree-di-ents