F2F Class Notes (Joe) [S]


Make 5 sentences that compare different things using adjectives. Example: She is lazier than me.

Next Class Focus

Practice using adjectives that end with ‘ed’ and ‘ing’

Today we focused on:

We practiced using comparative adjectives (e.g. smarter, lazier, more intelligent).
I am more intelligent than her.
My husband’s cooking is better than mine.
I am less lazy than her.

someone is more + adj + than someone
someone is not as + adj + as someone
someone is less + adj + than me


lazy – lāzē]

intelligent – [inˈteləjənt]


clever / intelligent – smart

temper – noun – easily get annoyed
She has a little bit of a temper

temperamental – adjective – easily get annoyed
She is a little temperamental

hot tempered – adjective phrase – easily get annoyed
She is hot tempered


He must have a good thought
He must be smart

she don’t have a big dream
she doesn’t have any big dreams

Marina is more clever than me
Marina is clever than me

You think Tina is more intelligent than Tony?
do you think Tina is more intelligent than Tony?

I thought about I can do something well
I thought about what I can do well

I don’t want I just need money
I don’t want to work just for money

Next job I want do something about art
For my next job I want to do something in art

finish my work (means to complete some work)
quit my job (means to stop working at a company)