F2F Class Notes (Joe) [s]


Describe decorations in a place you like. Use the words ‘ornament’ and ‘ornamental. Remember that something useful can be ornamental. Something useful cannot be an ornament.


What have you been up to? = What have you done recently?
You can talk about anything you’ve done since the last time we talked.


It’s a in-store event to celebrate the Christmas. We will have a calligrapher. He will provide the service of writing a Christmas card. If our customers buy our product they can have a tailor made Christmas card with some greeting words. I think it’s popular for festive dates. People hope to receive some cards with greetings.
It’s an in-store event to celebrate Christmas. We will have a calligrapher who will write personalized greetings in Christmas cards for customers who buy our products. I think it’s popular for festive dates. People hope to receive some greeting cards.


calligrapher – kəˈliɡrəfər

Italy – ˈidəlē

physical – ˈfizik(ə)l


Sculpture – made of stone

Carving – made of wood

Made of – primary material
My trousers are made of cotton

Made from – different materials
My outfit is made from polyester and cotton

Made up of – different groups within a large group
The population of Shanghai is made up of foreigners and locals
The class is made up of girls and boys


It’s kind of ceremony format
It’s kind of a holiday tradition

She like more colourful clothes
She likes more colourful clothes