F2F Class Notes (Joe) [s]

Today we focused on:

We are in the process to replace him
We are in the process of replacing him

Every day there’s something strange (OK)
Every day something unexpected comes my way (better)

I’m practicing in my skills
I’m practicing my skills

I can have good relationship with my colleagues (OK)
I can build a strong relationship (better)

I have a wide client base to take care of
I have a big client base to take care of

I got to resign from my position because I have to come back to Italy
I’ve got to resign from my position because I have to come back to Italy


I have to take care of the client office not only for the client needs but also the daily management, for example the payment of the salaries or other colleagues decide to leave. I did some interview in order to hire new employees. I didn’t know how to manage the payment of the salaries. I didn’t have a sort of history of all the clients.  I had to jump in discuss again with them what they are expecting us to do which were the processes or procedures that had already started in the past

I have to take care of the office manager’s duties, which include not only satisfying the needs of the client base but also daily management responsibilities, such as payroll and resignations. I conduced some interviews and hired some new employees. I didn’t know how to manage payroll. I didn’t know the client history. I had to jump in to discuss their expectations from us again and check on the processes and procedures that they already followed in the past. 

client base – A client base is a company’s primary source of business and revenue
The client base in Shanghai is larger than the one in Hangzhou

Payroll – the calculation and payment of salaries by the company
The company’s payroll is a mess because the accountant resigned last month
The company’s payroll is expected within the 5th day of the month

Resign – to quit a job
I resigned from my last job because my manager was unbearable

unbearable – too difficult to accept
I argue with my friend when he’s unbearable

startled – unexpectedly scared for a moment into a quick reaction
The cat was startled by the sneeze

Someone comes across + adj = seems + adj
She comes across as quiet when you meet her the first time.

Someone comes across + noun = someone finds something
I came across some interesting facts in the document

Comes to someone / comes someone’s way = happened to someone
Some big problems came my way on Tuesday

In the zone = very focused
I was totally in the zone when my friend startled me

Exciting + scary = thrilling
The movie was thrilling

A single (used to emphasize that there is only one)
A single piece of candy made the old lady happy

My dogs are overjoyed when I get home


Focus – make sure the first vowel is clearly an /o/ like in ‘show’ and not an /a/

Next Class Focus

Focus on different ways to use the words ‘come’ and ‘go’ in expressions and idiomatic usages (phrasal verbs and adverbial clauses)