F2F Class Notes (Joe)

Today we focused on:

We focused on using the present simple tense and past simple tense to tell stories

Next Class Focus

Practice using the passive voice to describe actions.


Learn about the passive voice and active voice to prepare for your next class. You can read about this topic and see more example here. https://www.grammarly.com/blog/active-vs-passive-voice/


Ruin – roo win
Furious – few ri yis


Hit – to use your hand or something in your hand to attack
He tried to hit the snake with a shovel

Replica  – copy
I have a replica of the Greek Parthenon

Dig – to use your hand or something in your hand to open ground or to find something
I was digging in my bag for my phone
The man is digging in the garden with a shovel

Furious – very angry
The woman was furious when she found out the secret

Privacy – not to be observed by others
I don’t want others to see my phone because I value my privacy

Ruin – to damage something so much that it’s no longer useful
She spilled coffee on my favorite dress. That really ruined it


Turn on it
Turn it on

I turn my computer on when I get to work

He grab a shovel
He grabbed a shovel
He grabs a shovel

He see a snake
He saw a snake
He sees a snake

He try
He tries / tried