F2F Class Notes (Joe)


I went to trip
I went on a trip

I went + to + place
I went to Hangzhou

I went on + trip / holiday / vacation

This trip took 4 days
I spent 4 days on this trip

Something takes time – usually something we don’t want to do
It takes me 3 hours to clean my apartment

I spend time doing something – can be something you want or don’t want to do
I spent 1 hour cleaning
I spent 1 hour watching TV

This trip is company benefit
This trip is a company benefit

First, I went to go Takamatsu
First, I went to Takamatsu

I took a ferry to an island, which was the setting for Japanese cartoon movie
I took a ferry to an island, which was the setting for an anime movie

I took many pictures (means you took the pictures)
I posed for many pictures (means other people took pictures of you)


Autumn – o tim

benefit – be ni fit

Island – ai lind

Colleague – ko leek

College – ko lidj

Pose – pouz (sounds like nose)


Anime – Japanese cartoon movie
Kiki’s delivery service is a great anime movie

Pose (verb) – to stand or sit in a special way for someone else to take a picture
I like posing for pictures
I posed for many pictures