F2F Class Notes (Joe)

Today we focused on:

We focused on building vocabulary and using new words in daily conversation.


Stuck (adj) – unable to move
Someone is stuck
I was stuck in traffic

stick (verb) – stick / stuck / stuck
I stuck a piece of paper to my wall

Stuck in a rut – unable to change your situation
Stuck for ideas – cannot think of anything
Stuck for words – cannot think of the right way to say something

Toxins – unhealthy things found in food, drinks or cosmetics
I drink warm water to wash away the toxins in my body

tub – a wide open container used to have a bath or keep liquids
I have a bath in the new wooden tub I bought

Restart – start the same thing from the beginning
I had to restart my computer because it stopped working

pick up where I left off – continue with something which you stopped
I stopped painting with watercolors a few years ago so now I’m picking up where I left off


Rarely – wide open mouth for the first vowel (like the color ‘red’)
Make sure there’s a clear difference between ‘rarely’ and ‘really’.

Collapse – ki’lapst (make sure you can hear the difference between ‘collapse’ and ‘claps’.


When you grew up, what kind of thing do you do rarely nowadays?
Is there something you used to when you were growing up that you rarely do now?

When the puppy give up
When the puppy gives up


Use the present simple tense to describe what you see in short videos. Remember to add ‘s’ to the verb if the subject is the third person singular.

Next Class Focus

We must practice using the simple present tense more