F2F Class Notes (Joe)

Today we focused on:


Place – location (where)
I will put it in the place where I hide my money

space – the available area to put something
I need some space to put my new TV

Parking space / Parking spot (countable noun)– place to put your car
I spent 5 minutes waiting for a parking space
I spent 5 minutes waiting to park my car

A party trick – something you can do to impress others (not really a skill) at a social event
He can say one sentence perfectly in Shanghainese to make others laugh

Stuck (adj) – unable to move
I was stuck in traffic
I am stuck in a meeting. I’ll call you later


Admire – ad my yir


Reasons to use the passive voice:

  • To be formal
  • We don’t know who the subject is.
  • The important thing is what happened and not who did it.

Structure of Passive Voice

Object + Be verb (is/are/am/was/were/been) + verb3

It has been delivered
She has been seen
The TV show was cancelled


Find some examples of the passive voice being used in news articles. Write down the examples you hear/read.

Next Class Focus

Let’s continue discussing the passive voice and practicing using this voice.