F2F Class Notes (Joe)

Today we focused on:

We focused on using the past tense and asking questions using ‘did you’.


Late – la’ tay

Appliances – uh plai yin siz

Sweatshirt – swet shiiit (long vowel) [remember the short one is ‘shit’]


Grand opening – the big opening celebration
My friend’s coffee shop had its grand opening today

Soft opening – a small opening for some selected guests
The restaurant had a soft opening to introduce the menu to some reviewers

Get coffee = buy coffee

Drink coffee = have coffee


We get together and we have some coffee (this means usually)
We got together and we had some coffee (this means before)

When you bought your shoes?
When did you buy your shoes?

Did you buy your shoes recently? (good)
Did you buy your sweatshirt last week? (good)

I have not bought shoes last week
I did not buy shoes last week

I am not buy shoes every day
I do not buy shoes every day


Practice using questions with ‘do you’ and ‘have you’. Write 5 questions and write 5 answers.