F2F Class Notes (Joe)

Today we focused on:

We focused on self introductions and worked on singular and plural nouns

Next Class Focus

We need to practice using articles before singular nouns and adding the /s/ to plural nouns.


Do some writing and focus on the grammar you learned in class today.


Involves – in volvs (beware of saying ‘volvo’)

Peripherals – pi ri fi rils


I get order from my customer
I get orders from my customers

I also have another industry that produce some metal part for electrical company or automatic company
I also work in another industry that produces some metal parts for electrical companies or automatic companies

In that business, it belongs my brother in law
The factory belongs to my brother in law

I also use their platform to connect some customer
I also use their platform to connect to some customers

I hope I can build my own producing line
I hope I can build my own production line

My grandpa’s bornplace was in Jiangsu province
My grandpa was born in Jiangsu province
My grandpa’s birthplace is in Jiangsu province