F2F Class Notes (Joe)


Use some of the vocabulary from today in some writing. Write something like a story and try to use the words.

Write about the reasons why you don’t like summer. Use all the words we practiced. After you finish your writing, practice the pronunciation of the words you used.

Next Class Focus

Focus on using countable singular nouns with ‘a’ and ‘an’


shirt – make sure the vowel is longer. if it’s too short it sounds like shit


Weather (e.g. rain, wind)
Are you used to the weather in Shanghai?

Season (e.g. summer, spring)
Which season do you like best?

light clothes (not warm clothes)
I wear light clothes in summer

thermal (about heat)
I am wearing a thermal undershirt

Sunburn (noun) – when your skin gets black/red
She has sunburn

Sunburned (adj) – when your skin gets black/red
She is sunburned

sunscreen (noun) – cream that avoids sunburn
She’s putting on sunscreen

parasol (noun) – a sun umbrella
I use a parasol to avoid sunburn


I wear warm
I wear warm clothes
I’m wearing warm clothes
I’m warmly dressed

I don’t like put sunscreen on
I don’t like to put / putting sunscreen on

Why you like winter than other seasons?
Why do you like winter more than other seasons?

I heard from my colleague that foreigner don’t like use parasol
I heard from my colleague that foreigners don’t like to use parasols

I think foreign men don’t like put on sunscreen
I think foreign men don’t like to put on sunscreen