F2F Class Notes (Jesse) [S]


Use the words from today to write a diary about your day.

Remember to use: and / but / so / because / when / if for every sentence.


work friendscolleague / coworker
eg. 2 of my colleagues left the company

quit – you want to leave the company (v)

fire – your boss wants you to leave (v)

recently – zui jin
eg. Recently I have been very busy
eg2. Recently I have bought many bags

go home
go out
go to work / go to school 

soup – tang
noodle – mian
pork – zhu rou
vegetables – shu cai
eg. I ate pork and vegetable noodle soup.

AEIOU = vowel
eg. you need to say your vowels very clearly
BDCTLV…. = consonant 


We wrote this together 

Last weekend I stayed home and did some work about a project because the project would start very soon. There was a typhoon last weekend so I stayed home, and didn’t go to work. In the afternoon I got my phone to buy some food for dinner and I continued to do my work.


at + time
on + day
in + month / year / period 一段时间

1 people1 person
2 people / 3 people…. 

I come here to learn English
I go home to eat dinner

I came here and learned English

for – reason / help
about – subject 
eg. I talk about grammar with Lizzy = subject
eg2. I come here for Lizzy = reason / help you