F2F Class Notes (Jacob)


Faint/pass out – become unconscious because of something like heat, drinking alcohol
knocked out – to get hit by something an become unconscious
unconscious – to be not asleep but not awake because something happened to you

Coral reef – a large underwater habitat for fish

Thrilling – very exciting

Buoyancy – something that floats on the water and doesn’t go under the surface

Hop – a small jump with your feet together; also a plant used to make beer
eg. I had to hop in the water to go snorkeling with the sharks.

Bustling – very busy and lots of things happening

I got my bags packed – prepared to go on a trip somewhere

In-laws – husband or wife’s parents
eg. I will stay with the in-laws in Spain.


did scuba diving in philippines

I haven’t done it.
I didn’t try it.

You no don’t need

We will stay there for … then we will come back/return to shanghai


Respirator [Res-per-ray-tor]

Site [Sight]

Itinerary [I-tin-er-rare-rE]