F2F Class Notes (Jacob)


Drop shipping – learn what this word means


Designer – someone who creates images
Graphic Designer – someone who uses the computer

Motto – a company or institution saying

Catchy –  something that sticks with you after you see or hear it

Proportion – the size of two things compared with each other

Bi – something  with 2 
something  with 3 
Quad – 
something  with 3

(add gon to make it a shape)
Penta – 
something  with 5 
Hectagon – a shape with 6 sides
Septa – connected to 7 of somethng
Octa – connected to 8 of somethng

Repetition – something over and over
Repetitive – something that is the same and done many  times

Commission – money you get for successful business deals

Networking – talking to people to make potential business contacts


break in my house – I can manage my time to do things

Yesterday was my lazy day

Plan for the future – do something to make the future easier

Square shaped

I want to make some advertisement on foreign websites


Snacks [Sn-a-ck]

Manufacture [man-u-fact-sure]