F2F Class Notes (George)[S/R]


i’m 21 years old , i like read a book , and do some sports every week, i like find some new things to do.

i’m 21 yo , i like i like reading, doing sports on weekly basis and discover/ explore new things/ activities.

i’m work for the import beef companies, but actually it’s a meat business.

i work for a meat importing company, our main product is beef but we also have pork , lamp and chicken.

i training in the absolute MMA, i go the training 3-5 times a week, but always i get off too late , so i can’t have the food or something else so i don’t have energy for the training, but i have some improve the level .

i’m training in Absolute MMA, i train 3-5 times a week, but i always get off/ leave work late, so i’m not able to/ i can’t have meals, therefore i don’t have enough energy for training. but i have improved my level/ i made a big progress in my training.

i trained hard for boxing, therefor i won this fight.

sometimes i play soccer on sat. morning and i go to rock climbing, then i like to hangout with my girlfriend, we alway buy fresh food and take it home to cook.



i had a late dinner meal.

progress : improving

he made a big progress in the school.

therefor (adverb): for that reason

i couldn’t catch subway on time, therefore i came late to work.