F2F Class Notes (George)[S/R]


population: the amount of people living in a country

the Chinese population is 1,400,000,000 people.

worldwide : all over the world scale

china has the biggest population worldwide.

Game of thrones is the most Famous show worldwide.


i want to to live in Germany because there is less people than china, my aunt live in Australia and have a garden , and i want my own garden too, because i love animals. i think german education was famous in this world, i want upgrade my education in Germany, if i can get german passport i can travel over the world because chinese passport go anywhere need visa, i know many countries passports don’t need visa to go.

i love to watch television , so i want to go to Newyork , maybe next month i will travel there, maybe i will try the red snake , go to the coffeshop they shoot friends i think it’s near the central park, try some good donuts and hamburgers.

I want to live in Germany because the population is less than China. My aunt lives in Australia and she has a garden, so i want to have my own garden as well to have my pets. because i love animals.

I think that the German education is well known worldwide, i want to continue my education in Germany. if i can have the German passport i will be able to travel all over the world without a visa, because Chinese passport needs visa for traveling anywhere.

i love to watch television / TV shows. so i want to go to NewYork, maybe/probably next month, i will try to eat the red snakes. i want to go to the coffeeshop where they shoot the tv show  ‘Friends’ which is near the central park.  i want to try some good donuts and hamburgers.