F2F Class Notes (George)[S]

Needs more review

illegal against the law
buying guns in china is illegal.

carrying wine on streets in china is legal

Chinese customs increased tax this year


against (preposition) disagreeing with a plan or activity

Germany are playing against Brazil in the cup final tonight.

carry: to hold something or someone with yourhandsarms, or on your back andtransport it, him, or her from one place to another
i want to carry the bag on my back for hiking.

increase: to (make something) become larger in amount or size
Chinese elder population has increased this year.

decrease : to become less, or to make something become less
the amazon plants space decreased because of fire

population: all the peopleliving in a particularcountryarea, or place
China has the biggest population worldwide

elder: an older person
young people must respect the elder
in China the elder people are respected

worldwide: existing or happening in all parts of the world
the trade war between China and American is effecting the economy worldwide.