F2F Class Notes (George)[R]


find an article that would be interesting to you , read it and write down the vocabularies that you couldn’t understand

Today we focused on:

we focused on reading and vocabularies


Vegan Fashion – Level 6

There has been a dramatic increase in the popularity of veganism around the world in the past decade. Many people are becoming vegans in an attempt to lead a lifestyle that is more conducive to helping the planet. Giving up eating meat, dairy and other food from animals constitutes the bulk of changes vegans make to their lives. However, an increasing number of vegans are now extending their beliefs to fashion. There is a considerable increase in the sales of vegan clothing, footwear and accessories. Retailers are marketing products that are free from cow skin and other animal products. Shops are full of synthetic fur coats, plastic belts, and shoes made from tree bark, recycled plastic bottles, rubber and coconut fibre.


conducive: 有益的
helpful to achieve a target or a goal

constitue : 被看作
to be / create

accessories: 配饰
small items added to clothing ( bad, hat, earrings, etc)

retailer : 零售商
a shop or business that sells goods directly to public/ customer

free from :使…摆脱…
doesn’t have
eg: this coffee is free from caffeine

synthetic: 合成的
something artificial , not real copying real item

coconut fibre:
coconut hairy skin/ surface

theme: 主题曲
tune / idea / style of something

sneaker: 运动鞋

comfortable type of shoes