F2F Class Notes (George) [S/R]


advertisement : (noun)

i have a media advertisement company

hire : 聘请

i hired another agency to organize this event.

organizer: 组织者

digital marketing 数字营销

official account 官方账号

graphic design 平面设计

i am an events organizer.


expenses: 花费

medical issue: 医疗问题

jogging : walking fast

employee :雇员


supplier 供应商

vendor 供应商

corporate 企业






i hired another agency to organize this event.but in fact i made this event.

i have a boy, he will go in the kindergarden soon, maybe next week , he is 3 years old

i think if you live in shanghai, you have a job and you have a son is very hard, i think higher price , everything price is very high , for house for car public traffic , for food , for hospital , school, but i think i’m lucky because i’m shanghaines because i have my own house and car, but you can’t have sick, because the hospital the price is very high, if your children go to good school is very expensive , and you have to buy insurance.

i’m not good enough for everything but everything i know a little.

we organize a lot of corporate events, i do some like wechat, weibo, instagram official account. and graphic design for digital marketing

i hired another agency to organize this event, but in fact i own this event.

i have a 3 years old son/ boy, who will go next week/ soon to the kindrgarden.

i think living in shanghai and having a job and a son is hard to do. because expenses are high, such as house, transportation, food, hospitals, education and insurance. but i’m lucky that i’m from shanghai/ local, so i have my own house and car. but you have to take care of your health because hospitals and medication are expensive .

i’m not so good at everything but i know a little bit of everything.

media is not my major.

we are specialized in digital marketing including graphic designs, wechat, instagram, weibo official accounts,  but we also organize corporate events.