F2F Class Notes (George)


write about your favorite snack


Onions – Level 0

Onions are important in Bangladesh. It is difficult to buy them. There is a shortage. Prices have gone up from US36 cents to around $3.25 a kilo. Bangladesh usually buys them from India. Recent heavy rain in India damaged its onion harvest. India stopped selling onions to Bangladesh. There may be protests because of this.

The onion crisis is very serious. The Prime Minister has stopped using onions. Hundreds of people waited for hours to buy one kilo. One person said he would wait for longer to save some money. In one area in Dhaka, people stopped eating onions 15 days ago. Street-food sellers cannot make onion-based snacks.


onion : 洋葱(头)

kilo / kilogram: 千克

Damage (v): 损害
harm or spoil something

harvest: (n) 收获

protest: 抗议

crisis :极其困难的时期

Prime minister : 首相

snack: 小吃

ingredient: 原料