F2F Class Notes (George)[R]

Today we focused on:

we focused on reading and vocabularies


write about your experience with ZAO app, what do you think about that app.


 Deepfake – Level 0

A technique called deepfake is worrying people. It can create fake news and trick people. The software replaces the face of a talking president or movie star with a user’s face. The result is a fake video. People are worried the technology will be used to trick people in elections.

A new deepfake app called Zao has gone viral in China. A Twitter user posted many Zao videos of himself in famous TV and movie scenes. He looks like the main actor in the movies The Hulk, Titanic, and in the TV fantasy drama Game of Thrones. Only people with a Chinese phone number can download the app.


fake :赝品
not real

trick : 诡计
cheating someone

president :总统
the person whole rule the country

elections: 选举
time when people vote for someone to be a president

viral : 病毒式的
something becomes famous on the internet in a short time

scene : 情景
a part of a movie

fantasy : 幻想
something you enjoy thinking about it

Drama: 戏剧
a show in theater or TV