F2F Class Notes (David)


Look at some English menus, either online or at a restaurant. Try to understand as much of it as possible. Take a picture of it and we can discuss any terms you don’t understand next class.

Today we focused on:

Discussed various food terms and topics

1. Implement a new compliance policy
2. Explain the practice in China when we cannot entirely follow global compliance policy
3. Persuade Internal audit to accept local process


vegetarian – noun – someone who only eats vegetables and animal byproducts

byproducts – noun – something that comes from something else or is produced by something else

ex: Milk is a byproduct of cows.

vegan – noun – someone who only eats vegetables and no animal byproducts

Sour – 酸

Deep fried – 油炸 – frying something in a big pot of oil

pan-fry – frying something in oil in a pan

stir-fry – frying meat and vegetables together in a pan

steamed – to cook using boiling water vapor

boiled – to cook IN boiling water

baked – to cook something in an oven

roast – to cook meats in an oven, or directly over a fire

roast/roasted chicken/duck

hot pot – 火锅

avocado – 牛油果

corn – 玉米

asparagus – 芦笋

peas – 豌豆

zucchini – 西葫芦

lettuce – 生菜

cabbage – 白菜

filet mignon – common variety of steak

Prime rib – steak from the rib area of the cow

Steak cooking terms

Raw – uncooked

Rare – 10%-20% – very bloody and red

Medium rare – 30% – slight bloodiness and redness

Medium – 40-60% – very slight redness

medium well – 70-80% – cooked through, no redness

Well done – 90-100% – fully cooked

side dish – 配菜,小菜

beef jerky -牛肉干

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