F2F Class Notes (Cynthia)


Never thought of – 没有想过
E.g – I never thought that my brother will lose so much weight.

Half an hour – 半个小时
E.g – I have half an hour more before my English class ends.

Hair Dryer – 吹风机
E.g – I bought a new hair dryer yesterday.

History – 历史
E.g – My favorite subject in school is history.

Souvenirs – 伴手礼
E.g – During our trip to Serbia, I bought a lot of souvenirs to bring back to Shanghai.

Snack – 零食
E.g – Seaweed is one of my favorite snack.

Magnet – 冰箱贴
E.g – Whenever I travel, I like to buy magnets to add to my collection.

Montenegro – 黑山
E.g – Last October, I went to Montenegro for 10 days.

Dubai – 迪拜
E.g – I had a short stop over in Dubai, on the way back to Shanghai.

French Fries- 🍟 薯条
E.g- I have been eating too much french fries the last week.

Seafood – 🦀️🦐🐟 海鲜
E.g- We are going to a seafood buffet this weekend.


Wine – /waɪn/

History – /ˈhɪs.t̬ɚ.i/


Tried book a taxi – Tried booking a taxi./ Tried to book a taxi.