F2F Class Notes (Cynthia)


Regret –  /rɪˈɡret/

Polite –  /pəˈlaɪt/


Ignore – To not listen and give attention.
E.g- She ignored her mother’s advise.

Depart – 出发. To go away or leave (Normally used for journey)
E.g- We will depart from Shanghai at 5pm.

Avoid – To stay away
E.g – Due to my allergy, I need to avoid eating seafood.

Relatives – A member of your family.
E.g – I will be visiting my relatives in Spain next week.

Chubby – Fat but in a cute and attractive way
E.g – My sisters baby is very chubby.

Bonus – Extra money given to you as a reward.
E.g – This year my company will be giving me 2 months of bonus.