F2F Class Notes (Cynthia)


Annual Leave – 年假
A number of days you are allowed to take off from work.
E.g – I have 20 days of annual leave every year.

Bali Island – 巴厘岛
E.g- My husband is currently in Bali Island.

Ko Samui – 苏梅岛
E.g – Next week I will be going to Ko Samui with my sister.

Phuket Island – 普吉岛
E.g – I am not a big fan of Phuket Island.

Authentic – 正宗
E.g – I feel that the Thai food in Ko Samui is more authentic.

Snorkeling – 浮潜
E.g – I started snorkeling lessons last week.

Souvenirs – 纪念品
Something you buy to help you remember about a trip.
E.g – I like to buy fridge magnets for souvenirs.

Duty Free Shop – 免税店
A store in the airport that sells items without charging the tax
E.g – I bought various perfumes from the duty free shop.

Cosmetic – 化妆品
Substance that you put on your face and body to make you look better.
E.g – Some of my cosmetics are already expired.