F2F Class Notes (Cynthia)


Awkward – 尴尬
E.g – It’s so awkward to see my sister talking to her ex boyfriend

Strict – 严肃
E.g – I am scared of my English teacher, because he looks very strict.

Peak Period – 高峰期
E.g – During the peak period, there is a possibility to get stuck in traffic for at least 3 hours.

Not convenient – 不方便
E.g – It is not convenient for me to go home during the October holidays.

If everything goes well – 顺利
E.g- If everything goes well, I will be able to get home at 5p.m.

Last few days – 前几天
E.g – Last few days, I had to work until 8p.m.

Passport – 护照
E.g – My passport will be expiring in 6 months.

Convince – 说服
E.g – My sister finally managed to convince my mother to go on a holiday.


Have long time on road – Spend a long time on the road.