F2F Class Notes (Cynthia)


Novel – 小说
E.g – I like reading romance novels.

Broadcast – 广播
E.g – There was a live broadcast of Prince William’s wedding.

Animation – 动画
E.g – Toy Story is one of my favorite animation movie.

Version – 版
E.g – I need to update my iPhone to its latest version.

Acting Skills – 演戏
E.g – I think that his acting skills is very good.

Entertainment Circle – 娱乐圈
E.g – Being in the entertainment circle can be pretty stressful.

Episode – 集
E.g – I am currently watching episode 8 of the TV Show.

Mythological Movie – 神话故事
E.g – Nezha is my favorite Mythological movie

Opinion – 意见/看法
E.g – What is your opinion towards the new colleague?


Entertainment – /en.t̬ɚˈteɪn.mənt/

Broadcast – /ˈbrɑːd.kæst/

Episode – /ˈep.ə.soʊd/

Mythological-  /ˌmɪθ.əˈlɑː.dʒɪ.kəl/


Yesterday is his birthday – Yesterday was his birthday.

I like better Korean shows – I prefer Korean shows.