F2F Class Notes (Cynthia)


Perfume – 香水
E.g – I broke my favorite perfume bottle this morning.

Level – 层
E.g – I ordered 3 level for my mother’s birthday this weekend.

Hazelnut – 榛子
Image result for hazelnut E.g – I bought a pound of hazelnut from the market today.

Walnut – 核桃
Image result for walnut E.g – When I was pregnant, my mother forced me to eat a lot of walnuts.

Pistachio  开心果

Image result for pistachio  E.g-  Pistachio is my favorite ice cream flavor.

Almond – 杏仁
Image result for almond E.g  – I roasting some almonds in the oven now.

Peanut – 🥜 花生
Image result for peanut E.g –  My mother eats 10 peanuts everyday.

Pine Nuts – 松子
Image result for pine nuts E.g – I like to put pine nuts in my salad.

Sunflower Seeds – 瓜子
Image result for sunflower seeds E.g – My grandmother’s favorite snack is sunflower seeds.

Pumpkin Seeds – 白瓜子

Image result for pumpkin seeds E.g – Imported pumpkin seeds are so expensive  in Shanghai.

Asparagus – 芦笋 ( /əˈsper.ə.ɡəs/)
Image result for asparagus  E.g – I am making stir fried asparagus for dinner tonight.

Spinach – 菠菜
E.g – My son loves to have spinach soup for lunch.

Relative -亲戚
E.g – Next week, my relative from Italy will come visit me.