F2F Class Notes (Cynthia)


Stranger – 陌生人. Somebody that you do not know.
Eg – When I was younger, my mother always advise me not to speak with any strangers.

Shop Worker – 营业员. A person that works in a shop/take care of the shop.

House – 🏠. 房子. A building that families live in.
E.g – My dad bought a new house last week.

Room – 房间. A part inside the house divided by walls.
E.g – I need to share a room with my younger sister.

Football Player – 足运动员
E.g – My brother is a famous football player in Spain.

Football competition – 足球比赛
E.g – I am busy training for my football competition next Sunday.

Opponent – 对手
E.g -My opponents turns out to be my cousin brother.

Kicked – 踢
E.g – He accidentally kick the table stand.


After some time, I found out that she was pregnant.

Suddenly there was loud sound, it  made me jump.

As usual, Peter forgot to do his homework.

During the competition, she fell and broke her arm.

After getting his phone number, she immediately called him.


House – /haʊs/

Customer – /ˈkʌs.tə.mɚ/

Secretary – /ˈsek.rə.ter.i/