F2F Class Notes (Cynthia)


Company – 公司. An organization that sells goods and services to make money.
E.g-  I currently work in  a software company.

Ancestor – 祖先. A person related to you that lived a long time.
E.g – My ancestors come from Jiangsu province.

Advertisement – 广告. A short film, video or song to promote the an item.
E.g – I bought my car through an newspaper advertisement.

Conservative – 保守. Not liking or trusting a sudden change.
E.g – Older people tend to be more conservative.

Piercing – 穿孔
E.g – I accidentally pulled out my nose piercing.

Exhibition – 展览. An event that display paintings to be shown to the public.
E.g – My colleague asked me to accompany her to an art this weekend.

Convenient – 方便.  To make something less difficult.
E.g – Transportation in Shanghai is very convenient.


I’m broke up last week – I broke up last week.

Less than one month -一个月不到

I don’t go back to my hometown often.