F2F Class Notes (Cynthia)


Delay – To cause something or someone to be late.
E.g – Due to the typhoon, my flight was delayed.

Tactics –  A planned way of doing something.
E.g – These bomb attacks are one of the terrorist tactics.

Majority – The larger part of a certain something.
E.g – In Britain, women are the majority population

Helmet – A strong hard hat that covers your head.
E.g – I bought a new helmet yesterday.

Experience – The process of getting a new feeling or skills.
E.g – The best way is to learn by experience.

Bucket List – A list of something to do before you pass away.
E.g – Driving from Shanghai to Tibet is on my bucket list.

Enroll – To put yourself or someone else into an official list.
E.g – He enrolled into Harvard University last week.


When I finish work late at night.

My current job requires me to travel a lot.

The roller coaster moves extremely fast.

It is unbelievable how fast can the motorcycle go.

I stopped riding my motorcycle not too long ago.

We need a crazy mindset to create a crazy experience.

Globe trotting is top priority in my bucket list.


Drama – /ˈdræm.ə/

Europe – /ˈjʊr.əp/

Colleague – /ˈkɑː.liːɡ/