F2F Class Notes (Cynthia)


Ambition 野心 – What do you want to be when you grow up.
E.g – Leo wants to be a policeman when he grows up.

Spinach 菠菜
E.g – Spinach is one of my favorite vegetables.

Smelly 臭
E.g- My mum thinks that durian is a smelly fruit.

Sticky 粘
E.g – I do not like food that is sticky.

Smoothie/Milkshake 奶昔
E.g – I like making my own banana, mango milkshake at home.

Cream 奶油
E.g – I do not like any cream in my food.

Cranberry 蔓越莓
E.g – My favorite ice cream is cranberry flavored ice cream.

Bone 骨
E.g – I prefer my meat with bones, because I like to chew on them.

Bark 狗叫的声音
E.g – My dog is very smart, he always barks at strangers

News 新闻
E.g – I watch the news everyday at 8p.m sharp.