F2F Class Notes (Cynthia)


House chores – 家务
E.g – I spent my weekend doing house chores.

Throw away – 扔
E.g – I have a lot of clothes that I need to throw away.

Tourist – 游客
E.g – When I visited Tokyo, it was filled with tourist.

Duty Free -免税
E.g – I bought a lot of cosmetic from the duty free shop.

Extract = 拔牙
E.g – I need to extract my tooth next week.

Sashimi – 刺身
E.g – Every time I consume sashimi, I get stomachache.

Buffet – 自助餐
E.g – I like going for buffet every weekend.

Recommend – 介绍
E.g – I recommend the mushroom dish, it is very delicious.


I didn’t took my daughter along – I didn’t bring my daughter along.

TV Series (Enjoy!)
Modern Family
Fresh Off The Boat