F2F Class Notes (Ally)[S/W]


make 10 sentences using which, who, where ….


fairy: Xian nv (don’t use unless specifically talking about fairies)
ie. Cinderella had 3 fairy godmothers.

goddess: nv shen (use for daily life)
ie. She looks like a goddess in that dress.

comparison: bijiao, duijiao
ie. It’s difficult to make a comparison between iPhone and Huawei.
ie. Can you compare these models for me?

set up: (v)创建; 建立; 安排; 组建; 建起; 设立; 设置; 安装,装配,调试
(n) 屋子里的环境
ie. This is a very weird set up.

set sb up: trap somebody
ie. On April Fool’s Day, he set his boss up./he played a prank on his boss.
ie. Our date was set up by our friends.
ie. I didn’t do it! He set me up/he’s setting me up (to take the fall).
ie. I’m going to set you up with my brother.

tell: (v) fen bian (n)for poker/lying, something that gives you away
ie. It’s too dark and I can’t tell who he is.
ie. You have a tell(n) when you lie.


“my work ran long”… “my work ran late”…” my meeting ran long..” “large workload” “lots of work”

godmother/godfather: gan ma gan die

– comparison word, not verb when you’re trying to say “Xiang”
– verb: xi huan

I feel (adj or sentence)/ I am/ I am like/ I feel like: choose one

The food (which) you like is disgusting.


In my mind, the sentences could be set up by zxb zwb zw, but it’s all SVO. So I don’t know the meaning why … I could not care about it.

In my mind/understanding/opinion, the sentences could be set up in the zxb zwb zw structure, but it’s all SVO. So I don’t know why/what’s the difference/the difference/I can’t tell the difference/ I don’t know what they mean… Could I just not care about it?/Could I just ignore this difference?


1.authentic:Her pronunciation is authentic.
2.third-wheel: I feel I like a third-wheel when I go shopping with my friend and her boyfriend.
I feel like a third-wheel when I go shopping with my friend and her boyfriend.
3.debut:This is her debut for singing in her class.
This is her debut(n) in music class/this is her debut (adj)song in her class.
4.entry-level:This game is suitable for entry-level players.
5.on the spot:You should decide how to do it on the spot.