F2F Class Notes (Ally)[S/W]


discrepancy: chayi
ie. There is a big discrepancy between how much I thought the bag would cost and how much it actually costs.

range: fan wei
ie. There is a big range of numbers.

TGIF: Thank God It’s Friday

touching: gan ren
ie. The movie’s ending was very touching.

touched: gan ren (adj)
ie. People were touched by the movie’s ending.

speak out: 发声
ie. I’m going to speak out for all of the poor people.

speak up:  大声点
ie. I can’t hear you so speak up a little bit.


similar to/ similar with
same as
different from/than
difference of …

nouns: person, place, thing

once in while: yi duan shi jian yi ci
twice in a week: liang ge week liangci

SVO- verb matches subject; subject DOES the V
– Can my “s” do “v”?

that (as a filler word): no meaning,means that you will say a long phrase

of: de when talking about bu fen
ie. two-thirds of the population

1/3: one-third
1/4: one-fourth
3/4: three-fourths
1/8: one-eighth


I told Lily all the last week was wonderful except of my driving test lessons two couldn’t appointment successful. So yesterday morning, I saw the message pop up told me “congratulations your appointment is …”

I told Lily that all of last week was wonderful except for that my driving test Lesson Two appointment couldn’t be/haven’t been successfully booked/wasn’t successfully booked. So yesterday morning, I saw a message pop up on my phone. It told me “congratulations your appointment is booked…”/I saw a message pop up on my phone which/that said “congratulations..”

I’m learning driving (noun). – SVO
I’m learning to drive (special format).
I’m driving (main verb) <— tense

This book is interest(wrong) to me.
This book is interesting(adj) to me.
This book interests(v) me.
I’m interested(adj) in this book.


I practiced Lesson 3 for a whole day.

I love the feeling of stepping (noun) on the gas.

My coach gave me an opportunity to drive back. (opportunity = drive back)