F2F Class Notes (Ally)[S]

Next Class Focus

ing vs ed in adj


exchange: 交换
ie. You need to exchange your notebooks because you need check each other’s works/compare your works.
ie. This shop doesn’t offer returns or exchanges.

offer(v and n):提供 录取书
ie. The school offers free lunch.
ie. I got the university’s offer last week.

substitute(v and n):代替 替代品
ie. You need to find a substitute to make you happy – don’t worry about your breakup.
ie. This one can substitute the old one.

ie. The substitution of “it” in English grammar is a hard concept to grasp.
ie. The substitution of a 更乖的guy will make you so much happier.

grasp: zhangwo, zhua zhu
ie. My grandma finally grasped how to use the phone.
ie. I grasped the handle bars on the subway because it was very unstable.

passage(way): (写作 读的)片段/道路
ie. The passage to downtown is very long

along(prep): 沿着 一起
ie. I’m shopping along the street.
ie. Read along with me.


cross vs across
– cross is a verb, across is a prep.(Jie ci)
ie. I cross the road to go to the shopping mall.
ie. The shopping mall is across (<– not the verb)(the road) from me.

through – 从里面穿过 OR 方法
– NOT A VERB, it is a prep
ie. They traveled through the forest.
ie. You can use the underground passage to travel through the sea.
ie. I crossed the road through(方法) the underground subway station.

It代词主语 – for general fact
ie. It’s easy to learn English.
ie. It’s busy so we should push the meeting.
ie. It’s quick to get to the airport, so we need to leave now.
ie. It’s too early to go to the airport, so we can leave a bit later.

go vs get
go – 去,走,离开的动作
get- 得到or到达

negatives (don’t doesn’t) – use or
ie. I don’t like apples or oranges.

How to say “traveling”
ie. on holiday, day/week/year off, on a trip, for holiday …


I’m not don’t like…
It’s not that I don’t like …
*It (because we have no 主语) I(做出不喜欢这个动作)

I don’t hate: I don’t like them.

They’re two across the SH.
They’re in two opposite directions. We would have to cross/travel across the entire SH city.

To go to Singapore is really tiring.
I’m really tired to go to Singapore.