F2F Class Notes (Ally)[S]


Use some of the vocabulary from today in some writing. Choose a topic that lets you use the words we learned.


discipline: (n) ji lv (v) guan jiao

self-discipline: (n)zi lv
ie. I am a very/extremely self-disciplined (adj) person.
ie. I am a person with lots of self-discipline (n).

self-centered: zi wo zhong xin

selfless: wu si

occasional:  ou er, you shi

human nature: ren xing

reward (v and n):  jiang shang

award: (n) jiang
ie. I won an award.

scholarship: jiang xue jin
ie. She got a large scholarship last year.

job description: gong zuo nei rong

persistent/insistent: jiang chi

incentive: dong li

phony: xu wei


“with my chin held up high”

I keep repeating myself. <— what I say/do
My days have been very repetitive. <— You do repetitive work.

in her face <> behind her back

Speaking exercise

I saw the b and my nx… and when I saw my boss I was very sad because she doesn’t say anything or do any action. She didn’t want to deal with that case. So in my mind I thought my boss is very self-fish.
I saw the b and my insides boiled. When I saw my boss I was very disappointed/I was very disappointed with my boss because she didn’t do or say anything/act at all. She didn’t want to deal with the difficult situation. So in my mind, I think my boss is very self-fish.

When I go outside with my friend, we have dinner or we have lunch, I pay the payment. If my friend wants me help, if I could, I will do.
When I go out with my friends for dinner or lunch, I always pay./get the cheque./bill. If my friends needs my help, I’m always there. I always help when I can.

My friend knows me 13 years old. She talked on my back with the other girl. You’re the girl I look like my sister.
My friend has known me since 17 years old/for 13 years. She talked behind my back…. You’re the girl I see as my sister./treat as my sister.

You need to find the other (only 1 of 2) job you can quit.
You need to find another job before you quit./so can you quit.

In the beginning, things were very bad. 

in depend…
depending on the situation.