F2F Class Notes (Ally)[R]


Use the vocabulary from today as well as “so … that…” to write a story.


Even though: 虽然 即使

Even if: 就算

Respect: 尊敬

Respectable: 受尊敬的



snob:装X的人 势利小人;

concert: 演唱会

inaccessible: 难以达到的; 不可得到的;

festival: celebration of arts 艺术类的节日

festive: adj
ie. This is a very festive time of year.

find: 找到/觉得
ie. My phone is lost. Can you find it/look for it for me?
ie. I find Kris Wu incredibly hot.


– specific
– not general
– you know it and I know it
– when you use 定语从句, the noun becomes 确定的(specific), so use “the”.

Even though vs even if
– Even if: something that is very unlikely to happen, something with a low possibility
– Even though: simple 即使 relationship
ie. Even if you win, you have lost my respect.
ie. Even though it is raining, I didn’t bring an umbrella.
ie. Even if you like me so much that you will die for me, I won’t go to dinner with you.
ie. Even though you like me, I don’t feel the same towards you.
ie. Even though I worked (v) so hard/I am very hard-working (adj)/I am a very hardworking employee, I still haven’t got a promotion.

So (adj).. that (sth)… 这么的adj, 让sth都怎么怎么样了…
ie. That girl is so pretty that she has about a million boyfriends.
ie. Kris Wu is so handsome that he looks like a god.
ie. Kris Wu is so tall that he looks good in anything./no matter what he’s wearing, he looks good./he would look good in a paper bag.

in (clothing, color)…
ie. I look good in green, but red is my favorite color.
ie. He looks good in tight jeans.


I think for a long time…
I thought for a long time how to use all three vocabulary words in one story.

Even though I don’t spend  a long time, but I tried to write this story.
Even though I didn’t spend a long time, I tried my best/put in a lot of effort/I really tried to do my best.


What the hell! I thought he would give me permanent love that he promised me, but finally he betrayed me.
What the hell! I thought he would give me the permanent love that he promised me, but finally he betrayed me.


Are you one of those people who find the world of Western classical music a bit snobbish and inaccessible? The Proms – or the BBC Promenade Concerts to give the world’s largest music festival its full name – might help you change your mind.

To be cont’d…

For eight weeks every summer, the Royal Albert Hall in London opens its doors to all-comers and puts on a music show that is varied and wide-ranging. Some music lovers want to get as close as possible to theconductor. They are happy to stand up to listen to orchestras and soloists playing symphonies, overtures and concertos by the world’s top composers – all for just £5.

The festival has been going since 1895 and has always tried to be informal and relatively cheap. The Prommers – the classical music groupies who like to stand – typify this relaxed ethos. Before performances, they shout out jokes and every time the lid of the piano is lifted they shout “heave” in unison.


world: wor-ld  vs word: short sound

being: be-ing vs bean

ce: s

ge: j