F2F Class Notes (Ally)[R]


Tell me about your favorite place in the world. Use lots of description. Maybe also write about an event that happened there?


I flunked the exam who have a bad vibe.
I had a bad vibe about the exam before I even started so it was no surprise that I flunked it.

There has a different vibe than anywhere else.
There is a different/weird vibe here that I’ve never seen any place/anywhere else.

When you read, try to feel the vibe in the text and you may receive more.
When you read, try to feel the vibe in the text and you may get more information.


tangible:can be touched, realistic 有形的; 实际的; 真实的; 可触摸的; 可触知的; 可感知的

vast: great, huge


ing vs ed

ie. Lily is a bored person. – Lily 很闲。
ie. Lily is a boring person. – Lily makes others bored because she is very boring. Lily是一个让人感到无聊的人。

ie. The guy is cute and interesting. 那个男孩又可口又有趣。
ie. The guy is interested in you. 那个男孩对你感兴趣。

In English, be careful with the verb “to have” – to “own something”.


It takes all sorts to make a world– so some say. Nobody is the same, and our different personalities and character traits make us what we are. Wouldn’t it be boring if we were all the same? But if someone doesn’t behave or think like you, it can be frustrating. And there’s one personality type that can be very difficult to deal with – narcissism.

Narcissists consider themselves the most important person. They’re only interested in their own life,without a care in the world about the people around them. Their lack of empathy makes them come across as arrogant and self-important. If you know someone like this, their narcissistic attitudes might irritate you. But you might find it even more irritating to know that, according to new research, they are likely to be happier than other people.