F2F Class Notes (Ally)


college: da xue
ie. I went to college in America.

accent: kou yin
ie. I have an American accent.

online games: wangluo youxi
ie. I play online games everyday.

purpose: yuan yin/ li you
ie. What is your purpose of learning English?

tweet: tui te wen
ie. I post a tweet everyday.

twitter: tui te wang
ie. I go on Twitter everyday.


Q: Why do you want to learn English? For what purpose?
A: because I like English. I want to learn English for future work purposes. In order to get there, I have to learn everyday-life English first, and then move on to work/business English.


vocabulary: vo-ca-bu-la-ry

alphabet: al-fa-bet. not al-fa-bit