F2F Class Notes (Ally)


touch-up (roots): bu se
ie. Ally wants to touch-up her roots because her original color faded.

retouch(verb): photoshop on a finished photo
ie. My photos don’t need retouching because they are already pretty.

put the finishing touches on sth: when something is almost finished, putting on the last details
ie. I put the finishing touches on my almost-finished cake/that I almost finished.

consultant: a professional who gives advice on sth.
ie. Ally is a consultant at Smart English.


That young and beautiful man who just graduated from Japan is my new boss.


C -> makes “s” sound in “ci” “ce”

G-> makes “j” sound in “ge”

A -> 1)Ally/Apple/Application 2)Canada/Banana 3)Italy

E->1) second/egg/excited/red 2)term

I->1)bid/fit/Italy 2)Ice cream/fight

O->1)doctor 2)So

U->1)upset/under 2)put/question

When you pronounce a new word, don’t think about an old word that may look similar!
Break up the long word into segments/syllables that you know how to pronounce.
For a single segment that you have problem pronouncing, break it up to pronounce each letter.


Of course, developing a positive attitude is easier said than done – it doesn’t come naturally to everyone. When you’re feeling down in the dumps, it is hard to be optimistic.  But a study in the US has found that people who are optimists are more likely to live longer than those who have a more negative approach to life. It revealed the likelihood of positive people living to the age of 85 or more to be higher. So, maybe the thought of a longer life might encourage you to have a more hopeful outlook on life.