F2F Class Notes (Ally) [S]


habit: regular thing, xiguan
ie. I have a habit of drinking a cup of coffee every morning.

hint/imply: an zhi
ie. I can give you a hint to what this word means.
ie. Many English words have different implications.

polite: limao
ie. “Would” is more polite than “will”.

demand/command: mingling
ie. He demanded me to close the window and that makes me unhappy.

decent: satisfactory, OK (not too good)
ie. This is a decent class, but it could be better.

advanced: gaoji
ie. He is a very advanced English student who knows a lot of grammar.

obsessive-compulsive disorder(OCD): qiang po zheng
ie. I have severe OCD so I must keep everything clean.

(scholarly) journals: wen xian
ie. I have to read a lot of journals for my university class.

ie. Keep yours nouns plural!

ie. Can you distinguish between Australian and British accents?


Being an employee at a company has many challenges – you want job satisfaction, a work-life balance and opportunities for promotion. But most of us want a decent financial reward. We aim to get a good salary to pay for the essential things in life plus a few luxuries.


You have better vocabulary than them -> You have better vocabulary than they do.

When can “fish” or “food” be plural?
ie. There are so many kinds of fishes in the river.
ie. I like different foods from all over the world.