F2F Class Notes (Ally) [S]


job: specific role in your work

job position: name of your job position 职位

work: 工作 广泛的 in an area of work

play with: 摆弄

play on: 在。。。上玩

Next Class Focus

Pronounce “autumn”


Autumn = n is silent, pronounce the “tum”, not “tim”


How to ask what someone’s job is…
1. What kind of work do you do?
2. What is your area of work?
3. What is your job right now? (specific)

How do you answer?
1. I work in business administration
2. I work in business administration/I work in (the area of) business admin
3. My job is being a teacher/employee/general staff/manager in business admin
4. I work with special-needs children/I take care of old people

Play on … vs play with
ie. Polly is playing (a game) on her phone.
ie. Polly keeps playing with her phone.


Q: Do you do any volunteer work? What kind of volunteer work do you do?
A: Yes, I work with children who have leukemia. Playing games and story books and making hand-crafted and then I help to tidy up playroom finish after.
Edited: Yes, I work with children who have leukemia. During my volunteer work days, we do things like playing games, reading story books, and making hand-crafts. After these activities, I help to tidy up the playroom after we finish.

Q: When did you start this work? Do you like your volunteer job? How often do you go? Is it hard to keep doing this work?
A: I work for seven years. Yes, I like my volunteer job. I work once a month. My friend with I often go, so it is not hard.
Edited: I have worked/I have been working there for seven years./I started working there seven years ago. Yes, I like my volunteer job. I work there once a month. I referred my friend and now we go together/My friend and I often go together/I go with a friend, so it is not hard.