F2F Class Notes (Ally) [S]

Today we focused on:


on the road to …: 在通往。。。的路上

recovery: 痊愈, return to normal state
ie. Yes, my skin is on the road to recovery.

hydrated: 湿润的

ie. The hydrating moisturizer made my face hydrated.

state of being: 状态
ie. Happiness is a state of being.

literal: 书面意思(adj)
ie. The literal meaning of a vocabulary may not be its full meaning.

relationship: 关系

intellectual:思想上的 智商上的
ie. I have an intellectual relationship with my pen pal.

ie. I think Kangyong Cai is a very uptight person.


boring vs bored
ie. Lily is boring. Lily是一个无趣的人。
ie. Lily is bored。Lily(现在)很无聊。
ie. Math class bores Lily. 数学课让Lily无聊。(动词)

amazing vs amazed
ie. The beautiful dance show is amazing.
ie. I am amazed by the beautiful dance show.
ie. The building’s lights in the/at night is amazing.
ie. I’m amazed by the building’s lights at night.

interesting vs interested
ie. That guy is an interesting person.
ie. That guy is interested in you because he keeps looking at you.

surprising vs surprised
ie. The book ending is very surprising. (主动的/让人惊讶)
ie. Readers are surprised by the book ending.(被惊讶到)
ie. The book ending surprised its readers.(动词)

hydrating vs hydrated
ie. This moisturizer is very hydrating.
ie. My face feels hydrated.


My friends want to go to Serbia, so told me together.
My friend wants to go to Serbia. She told me this plan and asked me to go together/with her.

She planned this trip guide.
She planned this trip.
She wrote/worked on a guide for this trip.
(The meaning of the vocabulary that you’re using should match)

I like to have an intellectual upper-hand in a relationship.  (占上风)
I like to be the smarter person in a relationship. (当聪明的那个人)