F2F Class Notes (Ally) [W]


Use the new vocabulary from today to make sentences (2 for the word movement).


ramification (vs influence): (众多复杂而又难以预料的) 结果,后果

movement: 1. dongzuo xingwei 2.(具有共同思想或目标的) 运动

minority: shao shu ren qun

address: yan jiang (for higher-ups only, ie. presidential address)

further: geng jin yi bu

farther: gang yuan

oppose: un-support

close-knit: jin mi

elderly: lao, nian zhang

innate: from birth/born with it

initial: from beginning/from the start (not about nature/people)


Q: Are you a supporter of LGBT rights? Do you think gay couples should be able to get married? What do you think are the further social ramifications?

I am a supporter of LGBT rights. Of course, they can be/get married because I think it’s their right. I think in the future, the society will separated into two parts/split into two groups on this issue. Some of them will become supporters, but I think there will still be some people who oppose/are against LGBT rights because most of them are limited by the rules of their religion. Some older people have more traditional thinking but I think through time/as time passes, more and more people will recognize the sexuality is innate/natural. Then they will understand it and support it.