F2F Class Notes (Ally)


pushy:执意强求的; 死缠硬磨的 (adj)

salesperson: 销售人员
ie. Judy is not a very pushy salesperson.

couple (of): 2 (of)
ie. A couple of years ago, I was a salesperson.
ie. They make a nice couple.

used to: 曾经(现在已经改变了)/ 习惯

environment: 环境
ie. I’m still getting used to this new environment.

trade-off: 以。。。换取


short on… 少
i.e. They’re short on teachers on Mondays.

have a meeting: 开会
meeting作为noun才是开会(have a meeting)

I saw you vs I met you
ie. I saw you – 我看见你
ie. I met you – 相识

job vs work: job is more 特定,work more 广泛
ie. I want to find a new job vs I want to find new work
ie. I took a new job today vs I’m working on something new today/ I have new work today.


Long before, I like to talk about others. I like to recognize new friends. I think it has something about my last work.
A long time ago/two/a few years ago, I liked to talk with/to others. I liked/used to like to meet new friends. I think it has something to do with my last job/work environment.

Once, I bought a ticket, and my seating number, my train number, my cart number… were all the number “one”. My driver’s license/permit number, as well as  the date I got my license… I got my license three years ago/My license has been lying there for three years, but I haven’t touched a steering wheel since.