F2F Class Notes (Ally)


toque /beanie(not cap or hat): 毛线帽
ie. Alice is wearing a cute orange toque.

beret(ba-ray): French word
ie. Alice wants to buy a beret.

apartment: 公寓
ie. Chinese people usually live in apartments.

pimples: 痘痘

ie. After moving, I got a lot of pimples and blemishes on my face.

original: 原创
ie. This is an original work by Alice.

ie. Originally, we worked together. -> Now we don’t work together.
ie. We originally worked together. -> Now we do something else together. (We now live/eat together)

Luckily/unluckily/fortunately/unfortunately: 幸运的/不幸运的
ie. Unfortunately, I have to call my customer after I finish class/at the end of my class.
ie. Unluckily, I didn’t bring an umbrella and it started to pour.

pouring rain: 巨大的雨
ie. The girl is waiting for her ride in the pouring rain.


This house is hers. She isn’t living there.
-> She bought the apartment but she’s not living there right now/at the present.

originally -> at the present -> in the future: 更注重状态/状况,而不是时间

As… 随着 (more-more)
ie. As the weather gets colder, I wear warmer clothing.
ie. As I grow older, I like living alone better/more.