F2F Class Notes (Alex) (S)


eg. I believe in astrology but some people don’t believe in it

star signs
eg. your star sign is Cancer

personality 性格
eg. star signs tell you a lot about people’s personalities

brave 勇敢
eg. He’s very brave, he’s not afraid of anything

eg. Leos are very brave during the day, but very quiet and well-behaved at night.

extroverted 外向
eg. people like making friends with extroverted people

introverted 内向
eg. my best friend is quite introverted

bad temper 坏脾气
eg. sometimes I have a bad temper, I don’t like when people order me around, ask me to do many things

gossip 八卦
eg. I hate when people gossip about me


what are your strengths 优点 and weaknesses 缺点 ?

reliable 靠谱,踏实

laid-back = relaxed

convenient 方便

university students 大学生

review 复习

practice 练习